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This workshop covers

  • Basic Improvisation

  • Monologues

  • Text Analysis

  • Scene Study

  • The Business of Acting

  • Cold Reading Auditions (on camera)

  • Character Analysis & Development

In this 2-day intensive workshop, actors will learn how to handle film scripts, break down scenes, develop monologues and learn improvisation techniques.


The on-camera section of the class will focus on strengthening performances and working with confidence in front of the camera during film and tv cold read auditions.


Learning goals for all participants


  • Explore and learn the principles of acting techniques


  • Understand how to break down and analyse text

  • Recognise the differences between film and stage acting


  • Become familiarised with the logistics of performance on a film set


  • Learn how to prepare for and present yourself for auditions


  • Begin to understand the business side of the industry and learn how to effectively market yourself


Performance goals for all participants


  • Rehearse and film scenes to be analysed and critiqued in class


  • Break down, analyse and rehearse a monologue and perform it for the rest of the class


  • Perform scenes with different actors, to be critiqued in class